Discover Chile: Arica and Parinacota



The Arica and Parinacota Region is located in the extreme north of Chile, more than 2,000 km from Santiago, on the border with Peru to the north and Bolivia to the east, although administratively it is defined as region number XV.

This region is characterized by a climate where low rainfall prevails, making it an extremely arid landscape with little vegetation.

The regional capital is Arica, with a low proportion of relevant urban centers, including a town of importance in the eastern zone of the region, known as Putre.

The desert is one of the characteristics that defines the region, where there are two valleys: Azapa and Lluta. Agriculture and livestock are almost nil, due to the aridity of the land. However, there are certain crops in the areas of ravines, especially citrus and mangoes, which contribute with their productions throughout the year to the southern part of the country, in addition to raising auceneids.

The region has multiple important tourist attractions, such as some of the best beaches in the country (Chinchorro beach), the Arica casino and the highlands. There, we can find the Chungará Lake, located at one of the highest altitude in the world, at 4,517 meters above sea level.

The region has an incalculable Archaeological Heritage, unique in the world: the Chinchorro Culture, whose mummies date back 10,000 years. You can get to Arica by direct flights from Santiago, lasting approximately 2 hours, on the main national airlines.

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