Scientific Presentations

Submit your papers before August 2019 so we can make an accurate selection by our scientific committee

Evaluation Criteria

Every free paper will be evaluated by the scientific committee, by at least two of its members. If the member evaluating the paper has any conflict of interest with the work, he will ask to be substituted and a different evaluator will be provided by the chair of the scientific committee.

Every topic will be scored form 1 to 5, categorized as follows:

1.Completely under average, insufficient

2.Moderately under average


4.Moderately above average

5.Clearly above average

The topics to be evaluated will be:

1.-Interesting topic – innovative, future impact, interesting for current readers, provides message, recent investigation.

2.-Study design – groups definition, inclusion-exclusion criteria provided, use of validated scores.

3.-Scientific method – correct division between introduction with question/hypothesis, clear methodology, easy reading of results, conclusions according to the results shown.

4.-Adequate statistics, normality distribution or not, provide statistical significance , not aplicable to case reports (any investigation with 5 study cases or less).

5.-English language and grammar, readability, fluent through the abstract.

6.-Relevant conclusions – will it make a change in my practice, clarifies complex topic, reassures topic in discussion.

Each free paper will be given a final average score, result made from the average score obtained in the items in which it was evaluated.

To be chosen for a prize, within every subcategory (to be defined), every paper with a score above the 75th percentile will be taken into account. The authors of these papers will be notified and asked to provide a full article description. Only the papers provided in full will be considered to participate in the final prize. These papers will be read and categorized again as per the items described above, by 5 members of the scientific committee, and the best papers will be chosen.

Abstract submission and timelines for 2020:

Open: June 15, 2019 – NOW OPEN
Close: September 30, 2019
Scoring Deadline: September 30, 2019
Acceptance Notification: October 1, 2019

Cristian Ortiz MD
IFFAS Vice President
/ Program Chair