IFFAS President’s Message: Better persons

During 2020 I have seen so many people suffering anxiety, health problems, isolation, sadness, difficulties at work (for the ones who still have a job), problems with relationships, hunger and uncertainty for what is coming in our future.

But, at the same time, I have seen health professionals working as hard as possible, putting at risk their own lives. I see friends starting a new business, not because they need, but just because they have so many employers depending on them.

I see my partners coming up with new and better ways to continue with medical students and post graduate education. Most are still holding on tight to our dreams working, educating and investigating.

I am overwhelmed to realize how quick scientists were able to come up with vaccines in record time.

We were forced to spend more time at home and learn to appreciate how much we were missing.

During this difficult year, problems are evident!… but opportunities to be better persons who are able to help someone and maybe even the whole world are hidden for the ones who are blinded by suffering.

It is our mission to show everyone, how much we may all help, how much we may change our destiny and how many opportunities are out there for us to explore.

Let´s keep the hope that everything will turn out to be much better than it was before this terrible pandemic.

All the best for the incoming 2021… and for the rest of our lives!

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