New Zealand Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society

The New Zealand Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (NZOFAS) is very pleased and honoured to be formally accorded full membership of the IFFAS as part of the new Fifth Chapter, the Southern Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies (SFFAS).

The NZOFAS is one of eight sub specialty societies under the umbrella of the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association (NZOA).The NZOA has a membership of 303 orthopaedic surgeons. With New Zealand’s population currently just over 5,000,000, the ratio of orthopaedic surgeons to the general population is therefore 1:16,502. The majority of surgeons work both in New Zealand’s public health system and in private practice.

The NZOFAS was established in 1999. We held our first meeting that year in Turangi where we welcomed Dr Samuel Barouk as our first international guest speaker. Our meetings are held annually and we have been fortunate in hosting a large number of international speakers with whom we have enjoyed both interesting scientific discussion and relaxed social interaction. The first Combined Meeting with The Australian Foot and Ankle Society was held in Queenstown, New Zealand, in 2004. We enjoy a close relationship with our Australian colleagues and The Combined Meeting is held every 3 years.

Although our numbers are relatively small on an international scale, we “Kiwis” look forward to consolidating the SFFAS as a Fifth Chapter within the IFFAS, to making a strong contribution and to enjoying the fellowship of our international friends and colleagues.

Rhett Mason
New Zealand Foot and Ankle Society

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